About Danny


I am an Osteopath, Movement Teacher & Lecturer from the UK. Living and working in Seoul, South Korea.

A childhood running around the English countryside climbing trees barefoot and swimming in the cold north sea prepared Danny well for life in an office.

All jokes aside, I was a very energetic and active kid and at a young age got into acting and performing. I loved to act and used physical theatre to create emotions and tell stories. I still love to act and perform using my body as a medium – even if it to laugh at myself. I love read, and spend a lot of my free time absorbed in books and research.

When I was younger my research led me to travel a great deal. While I was travelling I explored various activities, martial arts and sports. This shifted into me learning how to be a personal trainer and to start working in London. All the while, studying ‘movement’ and learning anything from dance and Judo to weightlifting and circus arts. After accumulating injuries I decided I needed to know more about the body. And about health.

Four years later I had a Masters in Osteopathy, a lack of physical movement in my life and a lot of choices to make. After much more studying, learning, practice and work – I am now based in South Korea. Working as an Osteopath, Trainer & Lecturer.

I love to move, to wrestle, and to spend time walking in the mountains. I love moving and am open to trying and exploring new disciplines.

Personal Movement & Meditation History (Very Briefly):


I travelled all over the world and tried to learn from as many different movement disciplines as possible. From climbing mountains to boulders, to city landscapes. Parkour and a mix between bouldering and parkour in urban places lead to many misadventures.

I learnt to meditate from many different sources: Two different Zen traditions; Tibetan & Bhutanese traditions; Vipassana (insight) meditation and secular mindfulness practice.

I studied many martial arts to various degrees: Shaolin Kung-fu, Sanda, Systema, Freestyle Wrestling, Greco-Roman Wrestling, Judo and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.

Add to that Qigong, Yoga, Dance, Weightlifting and Circus Arts (Mainly Aerial Silks – but I dabbled in Chinese Pole and some handstand work).

Essentially though, I think that walking and physical play are the most important things we can do with our bodies. And by play I mean either exploring what our bodies can do, or using our bodies to engage in play with others.

Qualifications, Experience & Memberships: (In no particular order)


– Masters Degree in Osteopathy (M.ost),

– Registered Member of the General Osteopathic Council in the UK (GOsC) – Registration number 9046

– Member of the Osteopathic Sports Care Association, UK (OSCA)

– Master Trainer Diploma in personal training (Level 3 REPS),

– Certificate in Medical Acupuncture,

– Certificate in Taping Techniques & Strapping,

– Gross National Happiness (GNH) training in education & youth leadership (From the GNH Centre in Bhutan)

– Stretch Teacher Certificate in Stretch Therapy,

– Certification in Functional Movement Systems (FMS) level 1 & 2.

– Completed the OsteoMAP (Osteopathy, Mindfulness & Acceptance) programme at the British School of Osteopathy,

– Certificate from the MIT x U.Lab 1.1 programme in Theory-U Methodology

– Former member of the Tokei Wrestling Club (Registered with the BWA)

– Wrestling & Grappling training with international competitors and world champions

– Completed United World Wrestling’s ‘Ready to Wrestle’ Programme

– Various First Aid Qualifications

– Various conferences and workshops

– Almost 10 Years of Personal Training & Movement coaching experience

– A decade of meditation and mindfulness practice

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