Lecturing & Workshops

I offer lecturing, classes and workshops on certain topics:



– Osteopathy & Osteopathic Techniques (Workshops & Lecturing)

– Pain Science & Clinical Applications

– Models of Health

– Mindfulness & Chronic Pain


Workshops, Classes & Masterclasses:

-Stretching & Flexibility (Soft Tissue ‘Release’, Nerve Flossing, Active Stretching, Developmental Stretching & Mobility)

– Injury Proofing, Developing Resilience & Rehabilitation (Concepts, Protocols, Self-Assessment & Recovery Strategies)

– Stretching & Strengthening for BJJ & grappling (Addressing common weak links, strength/ROM deficits & some excellent partner drills)

– Mindfulness & Deep Physical Relaxation

– Prenatal & Postpartum Exercise & Deep Physical Relaxation

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