My Approach

My Approach

My approach is influenced by modern pain science and evidence based treatments, as well as traditional methods and patient education. Commonly I combine manual work, strengthening/rehabilitation movements, stretches and patient education. I often teach mindfulness and stress reduction techniques, especially for stress or chronic pain patients (Which is carefully structured).

The main purpose of my job is to give my patients the ability to maintain their own health and wellbeing. However for many people I see, their lifestyle is not often one that easily allows self-maintenance. These are my patient who work with me on regular basis to keep them in good health and prevent any problems getting worse. Sometimes weekly, bi-weekly or monthly.

The first session will start with a conversation and case history, and from there the assessments, treatments, advice and possible exercises will depend on he patient.

I am a big proponent of getting my patients moving because “Motion is lotion and movement is medicine”. And you can quote me on that.

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