Osteopathic Treatment

(Based at The Osteo Nature Centre in Seoul, near to Seoul National University of Education subway station.)

(For information about Osteopathy see ‘What is Osteopathy?’)

With detailed knowledge of anatomy, physiology, neurology, biomechanics and pathology, Osteopaths are able to treat many conditions. We are even able to inform you if something is untreatable with Osteopathy and required other medical approaches.

In my treatment options with patients, I use a variety of manual techniques including (but not limited to) Soft Tissue, Massage, Fascial Stretches, MET, Osteopathic Manipulation, Joint Articulation, Cranio-Sacral, Functional Release & Active Release.

I believe in working to give symptomatic relief, as well as treat the cause of the dysfunction.

I am a registered member of the General Osteopathic Council (GOsC) of the UK (Registration number 9046). Which is the regulatory body for Osteopathy in the UK.

Danny Giraud I'm Registered Mark 9046

For more information contact me here, for booking contact the Osteo Nature Centre.


Workshops & Classes


Stretch Therapy & Soma-Stretch

“Stretch Therapy (ST) is a comprehensive system that includes stretching, fascial remodelling, strengthening, neural re-patterning, and relaxation. The goals are grace and ease, and this is experienced as enhanced awareness and elegance in movement.

Applications of the ST approach span rehabilitation of specific physical problems, through development of more efficient alignment and movement patterns, all the way to improvement of elite athletic performance. Everyone will find themselves somewhere on this continuum!” – Kit Laughlin (here)

Danny teaches classes and workshops in Stretch Therapy. Please email if you are interested.




(For more information about Mindfulness see ‘here‘)

Mindfulness sessions can be done 1:1, or in a group. No plans to run regular classes at the moment, although that might change.

The first session is initially an introduction to mindfulness and basic practices and self practice guidelines. Further sessions are to help manage the obstacles and questions about your practice. Of course, many people prefer to have guided sessions on a regular basis because it is much easier to focus when guided.

I run most of the Mindfulness sessions at the Osteo Nature Centre. I also offer home visits and online coaching via Skype – please contact me for details.

For more information contact me here, for booking contact the Osteo Nature Centre.


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